Hi there! I’m Lindsey, and I’m so glad you’re here.

I am obsessed with faith, family, community, and creativity. And in each of those areas, I am learning to run from perfectionism and walk towards freedom. That’s what I write about here.

If you have ever felt exhausted by your desire to do everything right; discouraged by your clinging to achievements, rules, and plans; and if you sense deep in your gut that there must be another way…me too. I hope you’ll feel right at home here.


Besides all that, you might like to know that I am a born-and-raised Florida girl. But, along with my husband and two little boys, our family recently packed up and moved to the midwest. (Grand Rapids, to be exact.) We are still discovering and adjusting to our new normal.

I am a former teacher and children’s ministry director, but I now spend most of my time caring for my boys, building relationships in our new home, and writing. (I also drink a lot of iced coffee and listen to about one million podcasts.)


I am also one of the co-founders and writers behind The Drafting Desk, a monthly email newsletter for those of us trying to pursue grace instead of perfection. It’s a monthly dose of joy, encouragement, and grace, with a health dose of “me too.” You can subscribe and learn more here!

Where to find me elsewhere on the Internet:

Instagram | Where I share a million pictures of my little boys, the covers of books I’m reading, and one of my favorite things: the #mondaybenediction.

Twitter | Where I post about the small and beautiful things of everyday life, and where I retweet lots of people who are smarter and more eloquent than me.

1 thought on “ABOUT”

  1. Hi Lindsey – nice to meet you through the Writer’s Circle! Birthday blessings to your baby boy too 🙂 I look forward to connecting with you and meeting you in person at the Barn. You have a lovely site here!

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