Hi there! I’m Lindsey, and I’m so glad you’re here.

I am obsessed with faith, family, community, and creativity. And in each of those areas, I am learning to run from perfectionism and walk towards freedom. That’s what I write about here.

If you have ever felt exhausted by your desire to do everything right; discouraged by your clinging to achievements, rules, and plans; and if you sense deep in your gut that there must be another way…me too. I hope you’ll feel right at home here.



My Writing:

My writing has been featured on Coffee + Crumbs, (in)Courage, and Kindred Mom.


I am also one of the co-founders and writers behind The Drafting Desk, a monthly email newsletter for those of us trying to pursue grace instead of perfection. It’s a monthly dose of joy, encouragement, and grace, with a health dose of “me too.” You can subscribe and learn more here!


Where to find me elsewhere on the Internet:

Instagram | Where I share a million pictures of my little boys, the covers of books I’m reading, and one of my favorite things: the #mondaybenediction.

Twitter | Where I post about the small and beautiful things of everyday life, where I retweet lots of people who are smarter and more eloquent than me, and where I’m likely to get a tad bit political and snarky.


1 thought on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Lindsey – nice to meet you through the Writer’s Circle! Birthday blessings to your baby boy too 🙂 I look forward to connecting with you and meeting you in person at the Barn. You have a lovely site here!

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