31 Ways to Fight Perfectionism


Write 31 Days is an annual challenge to write on one topic for every day in October. I knew I wanted to embrace the creative challenge this year, so the question became: what to write?

Ever since The Drafting Desk launched, I’ve been talking to more and more people about perfectionism, and there seems to be a general consensus that “This is just the way I am! I’ve always been this way, and I always will be.”

But that mindset just isn’t good enough for me. I’m tired of wrestling with perfectionism, and I want to be free from it. So, I’ve developed some strategies that work for me. I have stories, ideas, and Scripture I return to again and again.

And I want to share them with you! So, for the month of October, I’ll be sharing 31 ways to fight perfectionism. All the posts in this series will be linked here!

1: Stop assuming you’re not a perfectionist.

2: Define the opposite of perfection.

3: Defined your opposite? Find it everywhere.

4: Stop saying, “I’m sorry.”

5: Say, “I’m sorry.”

6: Write a purpose statement.

7: Take off your make-up.

8: Read a poem.

9: Leave your shoes on.

10: Only take advice from people in the arena.

11: Take the compliment.

12: Teach a child to make mistakes.

13: Practice saying, “I need…”

14: Let your batteries die.

15: Expect rescue instead of punishment.

16: Take yourself out of the running.

17: Forget about the 11 p.m. inspection.

18: Know your strengths.

19: Offer grace to someone having a moment.

20: Embrace mystery and change.

21: Make an “enough” list.

22: Wear a hole in your jeans.

23: Turn off your notifications.

24: Quit trying to be useful.

25: Make peace with being a beginner.

26: Stop setting goals.

27: Pray with your imagination.

28: Don’t paint the edges.

29: Don’t confuse roles with purpose.

30: 9 Easy and Practical Ways to Fight Perfectionism

31: Benediction

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