What I’ve Been Up To

October was quiet around here, marked by lots of empty calendar space, beautiful weather for wandering the neighborhood and lounging in the backyard. We took a break from house projects, and we stayed put in Michigan instead of the traveling we did in the summer. We spent our Saturdays camped in front of the television watching football.


Enter November. I am very intentional about not over-scheduling our family and leaving lots of white space. Even so, I look at the calendar and to-do list and feel a little overwhelmed! It wasn’t conscious, but November is full.

Over the past several months, I’ve been working on a few things, and they’ve all been published over the past week or so!

My 2-part piece about my postpartum depression experience is up on the Kindred Mom blog. Part 1 is here, and Part 2 here.

Rebekah and I were also interviewed for the Kindred Mom podcast. We chatted all about The Drafting Desk–how it got started, our hopes for it, and what we’ve been learning along the way. We talk about perfectionism in motherhood, and we also share some of our favorite holiday traditions.

Speaking of holiday traditions, I contributed an essay about my favorite Christmas tradition to a new ebook from Sandi Sutton, Traditions: A Holiday Collective. I’m one of 21 writers who contributed, and I sat down the other night to read through everyone’s stories. I came away with a few things I’d like to try this year, like Tara’s tradition of letting each child open a new Christmas ornament on the evening of Thanksgiving and making a banner with my kids’ handprints like Emily did. The ebook is really beautiful. You can grab your own copy here. (And it’s free!)

Thanks for reading, friends!


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