Picture Books Our Family is Loving Right Now

When I published my list of what I’ve been reading lately, my friend Molly pointed out that there wasn’t enough children’s lit on the list. (Molly works in the industry, so she’s the perfect person to make that observation!)

Of course, with all these kiddos running around, we are constantly reading an awful lot of board books and picture books. I thought I’d share what we’re loving these days!


Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site and Mighty, Mighty Construction Site: We started with Goodnight, Goodnight… and then spotted Mighty, Mighty…on the New Arrivals shelf at the library. These books are big hits in our house, and I don’t hate them either. I love the colorful illustrations. And, I’ll admit–once or twice, I’ve gotten a little chocked up at the end. Sometimes, I need the reminder that I’ve done great work today, and it’s time to rest my weary wheels.

The Pigeon Books: We’ve had these books in our library for a long time, but the boys are suddenly obsessed with them. Leo, especially, loves buses and so Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is right up his alley. He kind of reads it to himself, even, by flipping the pages and saying, “Hi! Bus! Please! No! Hmmmph.”  It’s one of my favorite parenting moments. (He also gets quite miffed when he realizes that he’s accidently grabbed on of the other books in the series instead of “bus book!”) Side note: I found that our library offers animated versions of these stories through Hooplah, which is a great rainy day activity!

Digger, Dozer, Dumper: We are slowly working our way through every construction-themed book known to man. 😉 I really enjoy this one. Instead of just one long rhyming story, this is a collection of poems–each about one type of vehicle, and each with their own rhythm and rhyme scheme.

Marie Curie (Little People, Big Dreams): Because of Evan’s work, we’re big fans of any science books. I love that this story is approachable for preschoolers like Ian. He has become a little fixated on Pierre Curie’s accident (oops), but we enjoy reading this one together, nonetheless. I’m eager to check out some others from this series.

Pig the Pug: This book makes me laugh. My parents and sister all own pugs, and they gave this book to the boys. I get a little chuckle about Pig’s bad attitude towards sharing his toys.

Hug Time: Our neighbor gifted this book to Ruthie when she was born, and I absolutely love it. A great addition to our board book collection, and so apropos for our current cultural climate.

I just put Blue Sky, White Stars on hold at the library, because I love anything Kadir Nelson does. And personally, I’m reading The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. It reminds me a bit of the Little House books. I’m finding it to be a little slow, but I’m still eager to finish it and see how Calpurnia ends up.

I’d love to know what books your kids are loving these days!


3 thoughts on “Picture Books Our Family is Loving Right Now

  1. I have something for your new house via Nanny….can I have your address? Nancy

  2. The two books that my three-year-old niece asks me to read to her over and over again are Sophie’s Squash & The Little Sweet Potato.

  3. Angela, I don’t know either of those!! I’ll have to get them from the library. 🙂

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