Obsessions (Fall 2016)

It’s that time again! Each month, I share some of the best things I’ve read on the Internet, in 3 categories: faith and family, learning and creativity, and perfectionism and freedom. Because I’m combining two months worth of links this time around, there is more to dig through than normal. But, I promise I wouldn’t share these links if I didn’t think they were worth your time. Happy reading!

And of course, it’s the 20th of the month, which means Issue #003 of The Drafting Desk will ship out to inboxes this afternoon! This month, we’re talking about hospitality: how perfectionism leads us to avoid it, what being hospitable really means, and how we can approach it (with less pressure!) during the holiday season. If you’re not a subscriber, you can claim some free goodies and get signed up here!


  1. “In Her Time. (She Chose Pizza.),” by Ashley Ann Campbell. Oh, y’all. Grab a tissue. I have been following Ashley’s blog intermittently for years, and I remember when this sweet girl came home. This is a story about the small and large victories of parenthood, and it’s beautiful.
  2. “Love on a Monday,” by Shannan Martin. “My gut knew we were kin, but my brain protested. Isn’t that what life asks of us, to lean heavy on the scale of our perceived self protection?”
  3. “The Heartbreak and Joy of Being a Lifelong Cubs Fan,” by Katherine Riley. “I had learned that being a Cubs fan was about balancing naïve optimism and relentless pessimism, and I was determined to never again let the former eclipse the latter.”
  4. “Tune In to Your Heart,” by Emily Allen. “I heard somewhere recently that it is not possible to have grace for yourself. If you have to have grace for yourself, that is just one more thing you have to generate from your empty well.”
  5. “Right Here,” by Erin Loechner. “I know what my mother would say. As a child, when I’d lose anything – Where are my swim goggles? I can’t find my science book! – she’d respond simply: Where did you last see it?”


  1. “10 Things the Bravermans Can Teach Us About Food,” by Kendra Adachi.

    “The chairs don’t match, the tablecloth is plaid and dated, and the multiple tables under it aren’t level. But don’t we all look at this photo and say, ‘I want to go to there’?”
    (In related news, I am still looking for a show to replace Parenthood. I thought This is Us might be it, but I’m not there just yet. Fingers Crossed.)

  2. “13 Writing Tips from J.K. Rowling, Because She Knows a Thing or Two About Perserverance,” by Sadie L. Trombetta. “I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was, and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me.”
  3. “It Can’t Wait” by Dina L. Relles. “Sometimes I picture the rest of the world moving at super speed while I’m stuck, stationary and still, in the slog of this small life.”
  4. “What We Write About When We’re Not Writing,” by Kathleen Harris. “You need two half-gallons of milk, because the children are pouring themselves larger and second glasses of the stuff. You make a note of that. Two half-gallons. Write the number two in parentheses, next to the word ‘milk.’ You don’t write about the fact that your children are growing older, becoming gangly-limbed strangers to you…”


  1. “Earning My Grey Hair (And Feeling Weird/Great About My 30s),” by Haley Stewart. “So I’m letting myself feel a little weird about it. And I’m also letting myself feel a little awesome about it.”
  2. “Wise Words,” by Mari Andrew. (This is an illustration, so you’ll just have to click the link!)
  3. “I failed the Write 31 Days challenge,” by Rebekah Crosby. “The old me and the new me are doing battle over whether 16 out of 31 is failure. Math says yes; old me says yes.”

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