#31: A benediction for the recovering perfectionist

A benediction for all of us who are tired of constantly striving for better, who want to feel content and at peace with our days and our lives, who recognize the ill-fitting yoke of perfectionism for the heavy burden it is: 

May we learn to recognize the myriad ways perfectionism can manifest itself in our lives, and may we boldly and bravely say “no more.” May we say “no more” to people-pleasing, to endless self-help, and to defining our worth based on the content and completion of our to-do lists.

May we be willing to show up exactly as we are: as beginners, as rough drafts, as unfinished and messy, without make-up or masks. May we approach our days with a clear sense of purpose and never let comparison derail us.

May we never hesitate to make a mistake, to learn something new, and to accept help from all who offer. May we accept compliments and apologize only when necessary. May our humility be genuine, our words truthful, and our risk-taking courageous.

May we fight perfectionism not with our white knuckles, not with our degrees or our credentials, and not with our lists and resolutions. Instead, may we fight with freedom, grace, and joy.

And above all, may we do all of this because we remember that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, dearly beloved sons and daughters of Jesus.

This is the final post in my Write 31 Days series, 31 Ways to Fight Perfectionism. You can find links to all the posts in this series here, or by clicking the “31 Days” button at the top of the page. Thanks for reading this month!


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