What I Learned in September

As always, I am linking up with Emily Freeman to share what I learned this month!

1. “Phased” and “fazed” are two different words. What?! Mind blown. My friend Rebekah is an amazing copy editor, and as we work on the The Drafting Desk together, I am learning all sorts of rid-bits like this.

2. In Ethiopia, it’s still 2009. Apparently, Ethiopia doesn’t operate on the Gregorian calendar! And there is a seven year difference because of how they (I have no idea who “they” is) calculate Gabriel’s appearance to Mary to announce her pregnancy. Let’s file this under “Things I Will Probably Never Understand.” (Also in this file: boba tea, calculus, black holes, and reggae music.)

3. Sometimes, the solution to a problem is so simple! I use the web site Canva to make graphics for the blog, and it was running SO PAINFULLY slowly. I was basically ready to give up entirely. Someone suggested I try using Chrome instead of Safari, and voila! The web site works beautifully. I’ve since realized that a few other web sites work this way as well. It turns out all I needed to do was switch Internet browsers. This has me wondering what other problems in my life could be solved so simply.

4. Potty training is exhausting. Basically, I’ve been dreading potty training since the moment I learned I was pregnant with Ian. We tackled it over Labor Day weekend (and are still working on it, frankly). Here’s what no one tells you about potty training: you aren’t merely teaching a child to use the toilet. You also have to teach the child about body parts, privacy, hygiene, water conservation, germs, time, getting dressed…and the list goes on. Potty training is more mentally exhausting than anything else.

5. Other things that are exhausting: the emotional contradictions of parenting. I think I already knew this, but it came into sharp focus when Ian started preschool earlier this month. I was over-the-moon excited for some alone time, and yet was so sad that my little buddy wasn’t in the car to talk about construction vehicles with me. I struggle with these conflicting emotions; I would much rather prefer that I feel all one way or the other. But that’s just not how life works, is it?


6. I love Project Runway for the same reason I love Chopped. I LOVE watching people do something they are crazy good at, especially when I can not even wrap my head around that particular set of skills. My brain does not work in such a way that I can figure out how to combine ketchup with Japanese candy to make something edible, nor can I understand how to pattern a pair of pants. It’s so fun to watch. (Speaking of Project Runway, Tim Gunn wrote an excellent and scathing article about why designers need to rethink their avoidance and mistreatment of plus-size women. I was shocked to see that he called out Project Runway pretty directly. Good for him! Can Tim Gunn do anything wrong? It seems not, at this point.

7. Don’t underestimate what you can accomplish in small chunks of time. I tend to be an “all or nothing” person. I hesitated to enroll Ian at this particular preschool, because he’s only there for 2.5 hours. I wondered whether that was enough time to even get anything done and if it would even feel like a break. I’ve been amazed at how refreshing and how productive (depending on the day) 2.5 hours can be. I think it’s changing my perspective about how to best use my time.


There you have it! That’s what I learned in September. How about you?

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