Obsessions (May…and June 2016)

Whoops. Usually I publish these lists on the 20th, but I missed May 20th entirely. It went by without even a blip on my radar. (I’m not sure how that’s possible, but here we are.) Better late than never, right? Here’s some of the best stuff I read on-line over the past 2 months.


  1. “Learning to Let Go” by Becky Tountas. “What strikes me most about the days with my daughter is their level of intimacy. I dress her in the morning, change her diapers, cook her food, put her to sleep, wash her hands and brush her teeth…I cherish our closeness, the way that no one knows her the same way that I do.”
  2. “The embarrassing quandary of asking for help” by Anna France-Williams. “I want to model real relationships to my children. I want to model the joy of giving and receiving. I want them to know that they can always ask for help if they need it. That it’s not a sign of weakness. So I’ve got to lead the way.”
  3. “How God Messed Up My Happy Atheist Life” by Nicole Cliffe. “No one could have in a billion years of their gripping testimony or by showing me a radiant life of good deeds or through song or even the most beautiful of books brought me to Christ. I had to be tapped on the shoulder.”


  1. “Oh, girl, you’re graduating? Read these!” by Sarah Bessey. “Here are the books I would give to a young woman heading out into her adulthood. It’s the stuff I wish I had known back when I was ordering $5 large cheese pizzas at midnight without a thought to my metabolism, bless.”
  2. “Eight Unstoppable Women Writers Balancing Work and Family” by Nicole Slaughter-Graham. This list includes J.K. Rowling, Toni Morrison, and Cheryl Strayed. SO there’s that.
  3. “Why We Want to Return to Stars Hollow” by Rebecca Rene Jones. “…days after watching the series finale, and bidding Rory her rainy farewell, I actually felt a little bit homesick. I missed Stars Hollow itself. Apparently I’m not the only one.”
  4. “22 things every woman needs in her life” by Katie Clemons. “The irony is that people who strive to live more simplistic lives seldom feel like we’re doing without. In fact, we often feel more joy and gratitude because we learn to recognize the liberating difference between too much and just right.”


  1. “No Filter Friendship” by Bethany Suckrow. “Naming our feelings, even the petty ones, sets us free of the power they hold over us.”
  2. “Off Brand” by Sarah Bessey. “Sometimes the story we tell ourselves about our own lives can become a prison, it can keep us from the real life that is waiting for us.”
  3. “For When You’re Struggling Through an Imperfect Life” by Lisa Whittle. “We are beautiful people and difficult people, all at the same time, none who will ever be perfect.”
  4. “How to Survive Summer with a Million Kids” by Kendra Adachi. “Keep your intentions simple, your expectations reasonable, your checklists to a minimum, and your chocolate within easy reach at all times.” 

Happy reading, friends!

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