Obsessions (April 2016)

Each month, I share some of the best things I’ve read on the Internet, in 3 categories: faith and family, learning and creativity, and perfectionism and freedom. Happy reading!


  1. “What life’s Big Moments really look like,” by Anne Bogel. “…there’s nothing like a relaxed, semi-distracted environment to promote low-stakes but important conversations with the people that matter to you. It’s an environment that builds trust and encourages truth-telling.”
  2. “Words of hope for this volatile time we’re in,” by Jennifer Dukes Lee. “This election season is going to bring out the worst in some people. But let it bring out the best in us.” 
  3. “Encounters with Christ: The Unbelieving World,” by Claire Gibson for She Reads Truth. “…believers have this distinct and extraordinary gift: our fear lives side by side with our joy.” 
  4. “Sufficient,” by Katie Schmidt. Katie is a friend and former coworker, and this is a wonderful story. “In the days following, for whatever reason, the theme of rejection was everywhere I looked. I couldn’t find an area of my life that was untouched by the big, loud, unmistakably clear message: you are not enough.”


  1. “Your Calling Isn’t Just Between You and God,” by Sarah Bessey for Christianity Today. “Within community, our callings can grow slowly and organically throughout all seasons of our lives. I used to think discerning my calling would always be that mountain-top moment of clarity and call, but now I know that it can also be lived into as we follow Jesus. It can be ordinary and slow and communal.”
  2. “19 Amazing Caterpillar Transformations.” We have been to our local botanical gardens for their annual butterfly festival multiple times this season. So, I loved stumbling across these (truly) amazing caterpillar transformations are amazing. (via Rachel Held Evans on Facbeook)
  3. “Why It’s OK if your passion isn’t your full-time thing right now” by Ann Swindell. “…what I’m realizing now is that the necessary boundaries that most of us live in — our jobs, our responsibilities, the hours we give to mothering and laundry-folding and meal-making and grocery shopping — those boundaries are actually gifts to us, if we will receive them that way.”


  1. “What is an Enough List and How it Helped Me Enjoy Everyday,” by Melissa Camara Wilkins for Storyline. “…it’s only a short leap in your heart from ‘I never do enough’ to ‘I’m not enough.'” 
  2. “What Each Meyers Briggs Personality Type Needs To Let Go Of In Order To Grow,” by Heidi Priebe.” What’s that you say? The pursuit of perfection? Oh.
  3. “All the Things We Know,” by Joy the Baker. “Considering all of the adulting we tackle everyday, in all of our relationships, there’s not much we can’t do (besides breathe underwater).  Let’s look at our to-do list with fresh eyes and high-fives.”

1 thought on “Obsessions (April 2016)

  1. Thanks sweet friend— grateful for you! 🙂

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