What I Learned (March 2016)

I love thinking about the new things I’m learning each month (as well as the old things I need to be reminded of). So, as I do each month I’m linking up with Emily Freeman to share what I learned.

  1. It’s sometimes good to ignore the pressure to be creative and stick with what works. Maybe it’s pressure from Pinterest and style bloggers, but sometimes I feel imagined pressure to be creative when it comes to clothing choices. I much prefer Princess Kate’s approach: she wears pretty much the same 7 things. I love that even though she has access to whatever clothes she wants, she sticks with what works. (If you see me wearing nothing but skinny jeans and button-down tops from now on, you know why.)
  2. This was more a refresher than something brand new, but it never hurts to remember that television is not reality. Every woman on t.v. has the same hair. 
  3. The British Navy is going to have a $380 Million ship, and it’s name is going to be Boaty McBoatface. Evan and I laughed so hard about this. It’s my favorite piece of news in a long, long time. You win, Internet.
  4. A Jackson Pollock painting “rediscovered” in 2007 was actually a fake. You know how they figured this out? By determining when a precise shade of red was manufactured. I found this whole concept of a library of rare colors fascinating. I think Crayola and Photoshop make us take some things for granted.

    I loved getting to see a Pollock in person when we went to Chicago last summer.
  5. As a mom of two littles who is often late, I should stop apologizing and start saying “thanks.” I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me before! Saying, “Thank you for waiting,” acknowledges your mistake in being late, but also acknowledges the effort the other person has put in. It may be semantics, but I think it’s kindness.
  6. Homesickness can pop up at unexpected times. The Easter season was one of those times for me. Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday made me miss our Orlando church community and our families something fierce. It caught me a bit off-guard!
  7. I have been mixing up flower species. Some flowers sprouted in our backyard, and I was calling them tulips. Turns out, they are crocuses. The caterpillar room at our local botanical gardens is full of beautiful hyacinths…but I was calling them lilacs! You know how I realized my mistake, both times? Instagram! Someone posted photos that said something like, “Look at this beautiful hyacinth!” and, “I love when the crocuses sprout!” See, social medial is good for something, after all.

    These our our pretty backyard crocuses! (There are some white ones, too.) You can tell they aren’t tulips because the leaves are thin like blades of grass! Who knew?

1 thought on “What I Learned (March 2016)

  1. I have so much trouble with flowers and their names. I do recognize tulips just because they are one of my favorites, but so many others just leave me clueless. I also do not have a green thumb. Or the initiative to garden. All the women on tv generally have the same teeth too! Love the ship name – too funny! Stopping by from Emily’s. Enjoyed reading about what you learned.

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