Obsessions (February 2016)

I’m trying something new today, in the hope that it will become a regular feature here. Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time asking myself, “What is it I write about, exactly?” And perhaps more to the point, “What is it I want to write about?” The answer to those questions came into sharp focus when I suddenly had a very precise idea about a book I want to write. (Hopefully, I’ll have more to share on that front some day in the future.)

The truth is, I’m pretty much obsessed with a few things: faith, family, learning, creativity, perfectionism (or trying to overcome it), and freedom. Those are the things I love experiencing and learning about, and they are what I want to write about.

Usually, I share links to things around the internet as part of my monthly(ish) “What I’m Into” posts, but I’m finding that I’d rather reserve those posts for talking about other things. So, I’m going to try this instead…sharing a few links each month in three categories: faith & family, learning & creativity, perfectionism & freedom.

Let’s see how this goes, shall we?


  1. “12 Fiction Books that Will Shape Your Theology.” This list includes 1 of my favorite books ever, The Poisonwood Bible, and another I loved, A Wrinkle in Time. Just like the title suggests, both of them shaped my theology. I always feel sad for people who don’t read fiction, as if it is somehow less likely than nonfiction to change our lives. That is precisely why I love fiction: stories can change how we understand all of life, including our theology.
  2. Weelicious. I am starting to feel a bit stressed about Ian’s picky eating. The child will try almost anything, but he will not actually chew or swallow it–he just puts it in his mouth and then spits it out again. I have been browsing the recipes on Weelicious and it’s giving me the inspiration I need to keep on keepin’ on.
  3. “Confessions from a Stay-at-Home Mom.” This made me laugh out loud because, my life. “I have friends who don’t drink coffee. I literally cannot comprehend this lifestyle.”
  4. “5 small ways to make a meaningful difference in the world.”  These suggestions are from Atul Gawande, and I think they are great. Referring to Gawande’s thoughts, Anne writes, “It feels hard to make a meaningful difference in the world when you can only tend to one person at a time.” I have been wrestling with this big time since leaving my job to stay home with the boys. But, as Andy Stanley says, “Do for a few what you wish you could do for many.”


  1. “12 Simple Ways to be Present.” When I saw this title, I expected the article to tell me things like, “Put your phone down,” and “Stay off social media.” And it does, but it also surprised me by saying things like “wiggle your toes,” and “drink water.”
  2. “How to find inspiration when you’re uninspired.” Tsh’s advice to “plant inspiration where it lacks” really rang true to me. It’s sometimes hard to feel inspired when life is in a slow, mundane season, but I am learning how to plant inspiration in my days.
  3. Sally Lloyd-Jones on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. I love, love, love The Jesus Storybook Bible, and I loved this conversation with its author! I especially loved what Sally shared about writing, creativity, and creating with excellence.


  1. “Break this habit, change your life.” Ok, so the title of this makes it seems like click bait, (is there an adjective for that?), but it doesn’t really reflect the piece. (A poor editing choice, perhaps). Emily writes about how we are often tempted to dismiss certain things as “for other people,” but by doing so, we stop ourselves from experiencing freedom.
  2. “The hard part, then, isn’t learning how to take things personally, or not. It’s learning when to take things personally, or not.” I love this post from Erin about learning to recognize when we are wrong and what to do about it.

Happy reading (and listening)!

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