7 Things I Learned in October


Today, I’m linking up with Emily Freeman to share what I learned in October.

  1. Fall colors are UH-MAZING. I think I assumed in the fall, all the trees would just turn various shades of brown and look as they were dying. I don’t know why I thought this, exactly, because I’ve seen the Martha Stewart Living covers and I did the elementary school crafts like everyone else. But now that we’re experiencing our first fall, I’ve discovered that the trees are actually turning the most brilliant, unbelievable shades of red, orange, and yellow. They are bright and bold, and I LOVE it.IMG_1650
  2. Don’t read the comments. Don’t read the comments. Don’t read the comments. Last week, RELEVANT posted an on-line article related to the gender pay gap, which they linked to on Facebook. On Twitter, someone mentioned that the comments were crazy, and I mistakenly clicked over to read them. TERRIBLE IDEA. Among those comments were some of the meanest, sexist, and most judgmental statements I’ve read on the internet. (Which is so sad given the fact that RELEVANT’s target audience is Christians.) I spent days switching between angry and sad as I reflected on those comments. There are a few on-line communities that I’m a part of where the comments are always kind and aim to be helpful, even if they reflect divergent opinions. It was a good reminder for me to spend more time in those places (at least as far as comment sections are concerned).
  3. Bob Goff gives away $500 whenever he says something critical or harsh. I listened to a webinar between Bob Goff and Michael Hyatt last week, and Bob talked quite a bit about the importance of choosing our words carefully. (Coincidental given #2 above.) He said that he has a banking app on his phone, and when he realizes he said something critical, mean-spirited, or harsh, he immediately opens up the app and donates $500 to an organization he believes in. He said that $500 is roughly what it would cost him to purchase a plane ticket to Maui, and so he asks himself, “Would I rather go to Hawaii with my wife or say this critical thing?”
  4. Small, thoughtful gestures go a long way toward building community. We joined a 6-week small group through our new church. Most people in the group are Michigan natives (or at least native to the midwest). They’ve all been giving us lots of advice about the pending winter, and this last Tuesday, another couple gifted us a brand new ice scraper! It was such a simple, small thing, but it meant an awful lot to us. (And now I feel just that much more prepared for this Michigan winter we’re fast approaching.)
  5. Liz Gilbert isn’t signing books on her current book tour. Her reason why is wonderful. I have all the heart-eye emojis for people saying “no” to what appears to be a given. Like the article suggests, it’s simply a given that an author like Liz Gilbert will sign books after her talk, but she thought critically about what she reasonably could and could not handle. What simple thing was going to put her over the edge? I’m wondering what, in my own life, am I doing because I’ve assumed it must be done? Is there a small change I can make, a small “no” I can say that will make my days more manageable?
  6. BJ Novak has created an app, and I might be in trouble. I keep thinking about all the potential uses for this app, all the ways different media outlets, celebrities, writers and artists, and EVERYONE could be using it. (This blog post is a good example of something that would work well on the app!) And BJ brilliantly rolled it out, giving celebrities and organizations the opportunity to beta test it. That means that when you sign up, you’ve got a whole slew of interesting accounts to follow. I’m on there as @lindseycornett, and I’m really enjoying it so far (though I’ve only written one list myself so far).
  7. And last but not least, the Gilmore Girls news. This is actually a 2-for-1: I learned that Gilmore Girls is coming back with help from Amy Sherman-Pallodino, but I also learned that I will need to get a Netflix account.

1 thought on “7 Things I Learned in October

  1. You can come watch Gilmore Girls with me. We have Netflix!

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