I am…

Cheering on the Gators enthusiastically. It’s amazing how good every win feels when you go into the season with very, very, very low expectations. All hail Coach Mac.

Reading All the Light We Cannot See. Ian keeps referring to it as “Mama big book!”

Eating pumpkin chocolate chip cake and pretzels with cookie butter. (Not together.) Do you realize what the cookie butter means? Trader Joe’s is officially open in Grand Rapids!

Feeling very, very pregnant. Every ache, pain, and symptom seems stronger during this pregnancy than my last.

Sad that ArtPrize is officially over.


Writing thank you notes to all our Orlando friends, who sent us the sweetest package of gifts and cards for Leo.

Washing and sorting all the tiny little newborn clothes.


Evan is…

Working hard and working long hours because he has two big deadlines this week.

Reading reviews of the Surface Book, which is basically the product that for years now, he’s been telling me someone needs to make.

Hoping that George O’Leary will be fired, while mourning the rapid downfall of UCF football.

Drinking lots and lots of hot chocolate.


Biking to and from work every day, while trying to decide how much longer that will be doable.

Predicting that we’ll have some snow within the next two weeks.


Ian is…

Speaking in 3rd person most of the time but starting to occasionally use “me” and “you” correctly, instead of backwards. (It makes me a little sad. He’s getting so big!)

Singing made-up songs while he strums the guitar. They usually go something like this: “Blue car song, blue car song…” “ABC song, ABC song…”

Eating lots of homemade applesauce and pretzels. IMG_1568

Showing the first signs of jealousy/uncertainty about his baby brother. He keeps asking us to hold him, and while he’s in our arms he says, “Oh, baby Ian…” (As opposed to just a few days ago, when he would insist “Ian no baby! Ian big.”

Sleeping in his big boy bed at night with no trouble, but still napping in his crib.

Pointing out which direction we need to turn to head back to our house. “Home dat way!” Clearly, he did not get his navigational abilities from me.


Pretty much over eating meals in his high chair. He wants to sit in the regular kitchen chairs at most meal times.


We are…

Thinking about little Leo all the time, and wondering when he’ll make his arrival.

Enjoying the cool fall temps.


Closely looking at the trees each day, watching as the leaves change to yellow, red, and orange.

Beginning a small group at our new church this week.

Laughing at the funny things Ian says every day.

Amazed at how big he suddenly seems. We constantly say, “What are you, fourteen or something?”

Trying to imagine what Leo will be like and what our life will look like as a family of four.

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