Weekend Reading: Some Links I Loved

On Failure, and Not-Failure. “As an exercise, here’s a very incomplete list of my life’s “failures.” With the benefit of perspective and hindsight, I don’t see very many of these things as failures anymore, but at the time, they sure felt like it.”

(I love, love, love this idea of making and SHARING a list of the life moments that felt like failure at the time but have since proved to not be the end of the world, or even failures at all. What freedom in that!)

Finding whitespace amidst a surfeit of treasures. “Things gain significance when they are surrounded by space.”

(Though Anne is talking about scheduling and commitments and “balance” here, this statement holds true in so many areas of life. I’m noticing this a lot now that I have gotten rid of some of our books: every book on the shelf feels special because every book is well-loved, and it’s not surrounded by a bunch of books I didn’t like or didn’t read.)

Parenting is hard. Especially when you’re doing it right. “…just because the road gets bumpy doesn’t mean we are off course.”

(The terrible twos and the accompanying meltdowns have been throwing me for a bit of a loop the past week or two. This was a good reminder, and I don’t think it applies to only parenting. I think MANY things are probably hard if you’re doing them right. Besides, like, laundry.)

On Vulnerability, Perfection, and Helping the Person Behind You. “I might not be an expert, but I’m farther along than someone.  And I don’t have to wait until I reach perfection to help someone who’s behind me on the journey.”

(This is a wonderful reminder when negative self-talk threatens to keep me from ever sharing or doing anything. It’s vulnerable, but it’s also valuable.)

Enjoying the small things. “My favorite thing that makes me come alive is the everyday fuel. The shift of the weather? The pumpkin display outside the grocery store? The way Nella and Dash hold hands together in the parking lot walk into preschool? It makes me come alive.”

(I have been following Kelle on Instagram for awhile, but this is the first blog post of her’s I’ve read. I think Shauna Niequist linked to it. Sometimes I feel silly for being SO excited about the small things like weather shifts and a good book, but it’s true: those are the things that help me come alive.)

Dance for me. “We say, Dance for me. Up to the sky. Again and again. But what we mean, I think, is Dance with me. Show me how it feels. Teach me what it looks like. Tell me how to do it, that it’s worth it, that it means something.”

(I think Erin’s blog is my favorite right now. I love how she uncovers the meaning and value behind small moments, and I love her writing style.)

Happy Saturday, friends!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: Some Links I Loved

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my post!

  2. You are so welcome! I am going to try baking your sandwich bread recipe this week! I’ve been wanting to try baking bread (though I’m a little intimidated!) and someone recommended your recipe to me. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for your kind encouragement!

  4. Meant every word!!

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