Dear Baby (32 weeks)

Hello, little one.

This afternoon I had my 32 week prenatal appointment to see how you’re growing and make sure you’re happy in there. It seems that you are: lots of squirming, a strong (and loud!) heartbeat, getting bigger every day. So much to be grateful for right there!

Meanwhile, we haven’t yet settled on a name for you. We have two front-runners: Leo and Jonah. (Ian likes to say, “baby Leo” but won’t attempt to say “Jonah,” so maybe we should take that as a sign?) I keep trying to convince your dad that we must decide right this minute, but as usual, he reminds me that we still have time. With both you and your brother, I’ve felt strongly that choosing a name is just a big deal.

I was reading The Jesus Way while your brother ate his breakfast. The author was writing about the importance names play in the narrative of Scripture, especially in the Torah. And he said this:

“A name is a seed. When it germinates it becomes a story.” –Eugene Peterson

It’s so hard for me to imagine what you might be like and how our family rhythms will shake out when we become a team of four. But this I do know: God keeps writing his story of grace and love and community within our family, and you have a role to play. Long before your dad and I could even have dreamt about you, your story was written.

I sit here and wonder about your forthcoming sleep patterns and how stubborn or flexible you will be. I stare at calendar pages and fret over when you’ll arrive, and if your birth will coincide with your grandmothers’ travel plans. I wonder about how smoothly (or not) labor will go and how smoothly (or not) nursing will go after that. I consider whether Ian will be sweet and affectionate or annoyed by your cries, and I repeatedly count how many long-sleeved onesies we own.

But you know what? All of those details pale in comparison to the reality that you are our son, and you always have been. From the very beginning, God has been crafting and writing your story: your sleep patterns and growth spurts; your injuries and adventures; your desires, missteps, and dreams.

What an amazing story it’s going to be, little guy. I’m so glad I get to be a part of it!




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