What I Learned in May

Every month, Emily Freeman shares some of the random things she learned that month. I’m coming along for the fun today!

1. Up to this point, when talking about Ian, I have said, “This age is my favorite.” And it was true–all the way along, I have liked each age & phase better than the one before it. But the other day I caught myself kind of thinking or asking or wondering, “20 months is my favorite age so far?” In that moment, I had to stop and admit (to myself if no one else), “Wait a minute. No. No it’s not. 20 months is not my favorite age.” I’m immediately filled with mom-guilt just saying it (that junk is no joke). My 18 month old boy was a little more go with the flow, a little less stubborn, a little more patient. And I liked that. 20 month old Ian has more words to say and is more playful, but he is also much tougher for me to manage patiently and with grace. And so I’m admitting it–20 months is not my favorite. I think that’s ok.

2. There is freedom and grace in admitting how I actually feel about something, instead of just pretending (and even convincing myself) that I feel a different way. See above.

3. Super random: King Tut was totally unimportant and insignificant, as far as the reigns of pharaohs are concerned. History only cares about him or even knows about him because somebody found his tomb intact. (I learned this because there’s a King Tut museum exhibit coming through Grand Rapids, and Evan’s mom would like to go while she’s here visiting.) But the other thing I learned is that the whole exhibit will be made of replicas: it’s not really King Tut or any of the actual artifacts, because those aren’t allowed to leave Egypt! I feel less excited about replicas.

4. College graduations make me all nostalgic and weepy and wistful. Evan graduated with his PhD this month, and there were med school, dental school, and law school graduations all over my Facebook news feed. (That alone makes me feel old!) Whenever I see those pictures pop up, I can’t help but flip back through the graduation pictures I took all over campus with my dear friends when we were graduating, and it makes me miss them and that place something fierce.

5. I would hate to be one of those people who has to read every graduate’s name at commencement ceremonies. The man doing it at Evan’s ceremony BUTCHERED Evan’s professor’s name. Bummer. It made me wonder how many other names are being messed up, and we don’t even realize! (At the same time, I think it would be so fun to give a commencement address! But hello–pressure.)

6. I learned that you really CAN find good stuff on Craigslist, if you’re lucky. I thought everyone in the world except me was capable of finding good furniture on Craigslist. But amazingly, we found a $10 desk! It needs a coat of paint and some new hardware, but it’s all midcentury and cute and fits PERFECTLY in our our bedroom. And, hello! TEN DOLLARS.

There they are–the super random things I learned in May.


2 thoughts on “What I Learned in May

  1. sogalthoughts June 1, 2015 — 1:30 pm

    The King Tut exhibit was here last year. We were studying that time period so it was great to actually see what we were reading. Go see it! (The Titanic one was excellent, too.)
    My daughter is the queen of Craigslist deals. Not me. ;( A $10 desk is a great deal!

  2. Fun list! Yes, Craigslist is definitely hit or miss for me too. But $10?! Total deal 🙂

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