What I’m Into: May 2015

I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer today to share what I’ve been into this month!

What I’m Reading

I finished Love Walked In and Belong To Me by Marisa de los Santos, and I loved them both.   These books make me want to read everything de los Santos as written. Before we left Orlando, I asked my friend Melissa for a fiction recommendation, and she dropped these two off to me that afternoon. When I was finished with each of them, I really missed the characters and found myself thinking about them and wondering what they were up to. What I loved most about the characters is that they are well-rounded: they feel like complete, complicated people rather than one-dimensional caricatures.

Speaking of that, I also read The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty, which my friend Asha lent me. I didn’t love it as much as I loved What Alice Forgot, but it was still a fantastic page-turner that I could hardly put down. And again–the characters are so complex and nuanced. There is a lot to like and dislike about each of them, and I appreciate that when I’m reading. (Though, to be honest, I could have done without the epilogue.)

Time to ship these books back to their owners!

I’m also in the middle of lots of nonfiction titles (Darling Greatly, The Happiness Project, Team Us), but I’m really on a fiction kick at the moment.

And I’m still keeping up with my Poem-A-Day challenge. I’m working my way through this collection (which was a going-away present from my friends Lauren, Melissa, and Matt), and I really love it. I’ve discovered some new favorite poems.


What I’m Watching

Fixer Upper, Fixer Upper, Fixer Upper. Can I just be best friends with Joanna Gaines, please? I wish HGTV would add more full episodes to their web site. I’m describing the look I want in our new house as “modern farmhouse,” so Joanna’s style is right up my alley.

Evan and I watched The Theory of Everything last week, and it was excellent, though I found it painfully sad. I actually didn’t realize that Steven and Jane didn’t stay together (maybe I was living under a rock?). Besides that, let’s talk about how I know NOTHING about physics.

We also started watching Veep, because everyone speaks so highly of it, buuuut…we may not be continuing. We did laugh, but I’m not sure if I can watch a show when I actively dislike every character and no one ever says anything nice.

What We’re Up To

-We went to the outdoors farmer’s market at the Downtown Market last weekend, and had amazing food: cold brew iced coffee (on tap!) for me, pulled pork from a food truck with a brilliant name for Evan, a chocolate chip cookie from Sweetielicious, and an apple strudel to take home. YUM. I could spend hours in the Downtown Market (most of it eating). Orlando friends: for a frame of reference, the Downtown Market is what East End Market wants to be when it grows up. Similar shops, but more variety and the place is spacious and airy. Love it.


-We took Ian to the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum on family night, and we’ll likely get a membership. Ian would have spent hours playing there, which will be wonderful on days when I’m out of things to do!

Tulip Time! This feels like forever ago, but it was this month after all. We took a trip out to Holland to see all the tulips, which was lovely. The most surprising part was how much Ian loved the tulips! He kept running up to them, saying, “Oh, wow!” and trying to smell them.


Links I Loved:

-My friend Brian filmed this adoption story for our church, and it is an amazing story. Have tissues handy.

-Monthly subscription clubs are all the rage these days, and I think this is such a smart idea!

This is a pretty awesome farmhouse renovation. (Though I wish the pictures were larger!)

-My friend Eddie shared this poem, and it is excellent and moving. I so desperately want to live a good story.

A good reminder for me as a parent and as a person. May my own imagination and that of my kiddos grow wilder.

-I so appreciated this encouragement from Liz Gilbert. “Dear Ones -Do you ever try to make everything perfect?I do. But only always.” Sigh. But only always.

This article from NPR about miscarriages would be a helpful one for everyone to read. Personally, I had no idea miscarriages were so common until my friends were all pregnant or trying to be. With both Ian and this new baby, I felt so much anxiety about whether or not it was appropriate or ok or risky to share the news early. I think we should open up about this.

I loved these tips from Jon Acuff for college graduates, and I found many of them encouraging and helpful even now. I’m looking forward to reading Do Over soon.

This firsthand account of the Amtrak train crash was moving and extremely well-written. (Besides that, isn’t it amazing how quickly these stories fade from the news?)

And besides all that…

Let’s not forget that Evan officially graduated with his PhD this month, and we’ve been living in Grand Rapids for over a month! Our new little baby has been growing for 16 weeks, and Ian is 21 months old. Life still feels unsettled, but it also feels full and good. Cheers to May!


1 thought on “What I’m Into: May 2015

  1. It has been years since I read “Love Walked In” and “Belong To Me,” but I remember really enjoying them too.

    Also, Jojo and Chip. I looooooove them!

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