One Week Down

It’s 9 p.m. on Sunday night here in Grand Rapids. Ian is sleeping, Evan is getting ready for his first day of work tomorrow, and I’m on the couch trying to do something more productive than browse Pinterest aimlessly. It’s raining outside, which I’m so grateful for.

I think we’re all a little bit worn out after a week of settling in. We tried to hammer out as many projects as possible while our families were here, but now that they are gone our pace has slowed considerably. I think that’s ok. Settling in is a marathon, I guess, rather than a sprint.

Evan starts his new job tomorrow. I’ve been so grateful to have this full week to hang out around the house, working on projects and getting everything in it’s place. (Well, some things in their place.) I’ve realized that Evan has a particular pattern when it comes to DIY projects or repairs: he attempts something for a few minutes, declares “It won’t work! I hate appliances,” mindlessly surfs the Internet for a few minutes, and then tackles the project again until it’s done. This has made us laugh more than a few times this week. (But in all honestly–we’ll be more than glad when all these projects are done and our house feels fully functional.)

Ian has been pretty out of sorts. I’m sure it’s a combination of lack of routine and a lack of familiar surroundings, and he has a little lingering cold on top of that. He melts down pretty easily, and sometimes it seems as though he’s just walking around the living room searching for something familiar. Today we finally got his room mostly situated, which will help, and he and I will do some exploring this week now that Evan will be at work. (Meijer Gardens tomorrow!)

I am still feeling pretty unsettled, but I’m not forcing it. I’m content with slow but steady progress, and in the meantime, I’m trying to spend lots of time dwelling on the small things that are filling me with joy right now. For one thing, people around here have daffodils, tulips, and lilacs growing in their front lawns! We have a patch of sprouting leaves in our backyard that look like they could be tulips–my fingers are crossed.

We still have lots of unpacked boxes, and one of our biggest challenge has been figuring out where to put our clothes, because 100 year-old houses aren’t full of closet space, we’ve realized. This will be a good motivator for getting rid of stuff in a major way, instead of just flirting with the idea like we did before.

We had a weird day today. We went on our first church hopping adventure, and it was Beach Baptism day back in Orlando at Summit, which made us miss home big time. (Along with no hot water this morning and getting home this evening to realize I had forgotten to plug in the crock pot.) It felt like a weird day.

But, today ended with a spontaneous dance party in the living room. Ian, apparently, loves to dance to “Saturday in the Park” by Chicago. All that time with his grandfathers last week must have really worn off on him.

I will take a dance party with my boys any day, any time, anywhere.

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