I Had to Share: February 2015

Evan bought me the most beautiful tulips for Valentines Day. Tulips make my heart happy.
Evan bought me the most beautiful tulips for Valentines Day. Tulips make my heart happy.

Some of the wonderful stuff I read on the internet last month:

On Calling, Direction, and Moving Forward (which I am thinking about a lot lately, because I am leaving my job in just a few short weeks, and I don’t know how to feel about it.)

“The Surprising Truth About Finding My Calling” by Emily Freeman

“When Way Closes” by Parker Palmer

“You’re Never Going to be Fully Ready” by Shauna Niequist for Storyline

On Minimalism & Essentialism & Decision Fatigue (which I have also been thinking about lately, as many of my friends know, but I should probably start writing about it soon)

“Spending Time” from Design for Mankind: “If I have learned anything from the rat race – both our grandmothers’ and our own – it is that I no longer believe time can be saved if it is not later more wisely spent; if it is not kept, and held, and treasured. If it is not carried, weighty in our hands, worn as a backpack for exploration or inspiration, adventure or action, service or surrender.”

“7 ways I’m minimizing decision fatigue in my daily life” by Modern Mrs. Darcy


“Why I’m doing something I don’t like doing today,” from Jon Acuff.  “Want a grateful 16 year old? Teach a 6 year old gratitude and give him 10 years to practice.” Boom.

“26 worst things that can happen to a book lover” via BuzzFeed.  (This is not on the list, but: one time in college, I was eating my lunch while studying in the library, and I spilled my salad dressing into my backpack, which included a book I was borrowing from my sister. Yup.)

Moleskine Photo Notebook from Paislee Press: You guys. One of you out there knew that Moleskine made photo books and did not tell me. How rude.

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