I just had to share! (January 2015)


I’m taking today to share some of things I’ve been loving lately.


The Longest Shortest Time: I subscribed to this podcast a long time ago (just before she launched her Kickstarter, and before WNYC picked it up), but I just recently started listening to more episodes. The stories told are universal, and it has super high production quality. But more than that, can I just say HOORAY for parenting-related content that is targeted to both moms and dads, and enjoyable and relevant to parents of kids of all ages.

Spotify’s Winter Acoustic Playlist: You don’t need me to tell you that Florida’s winter is a sorry excuse for the season. The weather doesn’t cooperate, and I catch myself jumping to Spring right after the new year: spring colors, spring decorating, spring cleaning. I’ve been trying to stay more in tune with the rhythm of the seasons, and so I’m trying to hang on to winter. This playlist helps.


ESPN’s tribute to Stuart Scott: I guess it’s a bit late to share this now, but if you didn’t watch ESPN’s 15-minute tribute to the life and work of Stuart Scott, you should.

The Best Photographs of 2014, according to The Guardian: These photos are awe-inspiring and heartbreaking. Come, Lord Jesus.


Burn the Candles, from Shauna Niequist.

How I Plan to Stay Sane on the Internet in 2015, from Emily Freeman.

A Surprising thing that creates the best kind of freedom, from Tsh Oxenreider.

Geese, by Faith Shearin.

Other Good Stuff:

Ali Edwards’ One Little Word workshop: This workshop helped me keep my word front and center last year, and it pushed my creativity. I’m not taking it again this year because I actually still have content from 2014 I want to work through, but I highly recommend it.

On The Nester’s recommendation, I just ordered these stainless steel drinking straws. I’m taking my iced coffee game to the next level.

Speaking of iced coffee, if you live in Tampa, you need to go to Buddy Brew. They have iced coffee on tap, y’all. I haven’t stopped thinking about it for 2 weeks.


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