What I’m Into: September 2014 Edition


This week, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to share what I’ve been into this month.

Truth be told, I have lots of bits and pieces of blog posts swirling around in my head, but no energy to hash them out into something coherent and interesting. So, this seems like a good way to keep my fingers typing, keep words flowing, and do the work of writing…but less pressure. So here it goes.

(I wrote that a few days ago, waiting for Leigh’s official link-up. In the meantime, I travelled to Charlotte for The Writers Barn, hosted by Emily Freeman & Christa Wells (at The Nester’s barn). It was the best. I have a few posts coming down the pipes about it.)

What I’m Reading:

Interrupted (Hatmaker). Y’all. This book has messed me up. I am still processing, but I do know this: I will never look at church the same way again. (And for someone who works at a church…well…yeah. All the thoughts. All the feelings.)

Books in progress:

Jesus Feminist (Bessey): I’ve had a little more trouble getting into it than I expected, which is surprising and a little disappointing for me, but it’s definitely worth finishing.

Writing to Find Yourself (Vesterfelt): SO helpful and great! It leaves me feeling inspired to pick up a pen. I was lucky enough to catch it when it was available for free, but I’d say it’s well worth the $3.99, and I’m only a few chapters in.

Goblet of Fire (Rowling. Of course.). No rush to finish this one. Though I do need to return it to its owner.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Lewis). Here’s the deal: I need light and easy fiction to read before bed. Any recommendations? I grabbed this off the shelf because it met both of those qualifications, and I want to finish the series, but I’m not really sold on it, as far as bedtime reading is concerned. I’m also finding it less engaging right off the bat than the other Narnia books.

Celebration of Discipline (Foster): Our connect group has just started reading this. I haven’t yet read a book about the spiritual disciplines, so I’m excited to dive in!

What I’m Listening To:


I’ve been listening to a lot of Christa Wells. I started gearing up for the barn, and I’ve only wanted to listen to her more since.

I’ve also been sticking pretty closely to Phil Wickham, Ellie Holcomb, and All Sons & Daughters this month. Me and Jesus needed the time together.

Podcast episodes:

Andy Stanley on the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast: Andy Stanley is so wise, but completely down to earth. I need to go back and re-listen to this with paper for taking notes.

Annie Downs on the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: I love Annie. She is hilarious and humble, and I also think she has her finger on the pulse of what teens and young adults in the church need. (Her insights here on hook up culture and mentoring college students are so interesting.) But, this podcast is also just full of fun.

Amy Schubert on the Sarah R. Bagley Podcast: This idea about not knowing what I want to be when I grow up resonated with me. Even though I have always known what I wanted to be when I grew up, my career has already changed multiple times, and I feel like I’m dabbling in so many different things. Good conversation here.

BEST podcast interview I heard:

Jeremy Courtney of Preemptive Love on the RELEVANT podcast: Preemptive Love is working in Iraq at a time when everyone else is leaving. This interview is both informative and significant, and it gives an excellent account of what’s happening in Iraq, from Christians who are experiencing it first hand. (Lecrae is on this episode too!)

What September was All About:

You know that Zora Neale Hurston quote, about how some years question while others answer? September was a month of questions. Among them where, “Why is still 9o degrees outside?” and “Will it ever stop raining?” and “Why is our ceiling leaking?”

But more significantly, I was asking questions about how to do my job well without losing my mind, how to better navigate this tricky work-life-motherhood balance? And I have been trying to figure out  how all these disparate parts of me–children’s ministry, motherhood, business, writing–fit together.

By the far, the most wonderful thing about September was The Writers Barn. It was one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever been a part of, and I’ll share more about it soon. It brought up more questions but lent answers too. I think the most significant thing was this: learning to own the idea that yes, I am a writer. Not I want to be a writer. But I am.

That was September.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Into: September 2014 Edition

  1. Yes! A year of questions…. that Zora was a wise woman. I have “Their Eyes Were Watching God” on my nightstand right now. Also, Jeremy Courtney and his book, “Preemptive Love”, are amazing! I have the book if you would like to borrow it. That coalition is making incredible strides in not only saving the lives of young children in Iraq but healing families and communities through their work. I applaud everything they do in the face of their own personal sacrifices and dangers. Great lists here, Lindsey!

  2. I hope you’ll persevere with both Jesus Feminist and the rest of the Narnia books. Both occupy my Favorite Books lists. Glad you had a great time at the Writers Barn!

  3. Leigh, I will definitely persevere with both of them and will let you know where I land. 🙂 Thanks so much to taking the time to read and comment!

  4. Voyage of the Dawn Treader was where I fell off the series. That was a long time ago though. I have to go back and read them again, this time finishing (hopefully).

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