February Goals

ImageToday I’m linking up with Haley to share my goals for February.

At the beginning of the year, I had a serious chat with myself about goals and resolutions. Being the type A, achiever person I am, I can make lists. Lots of them. Long ones. Full of good stuff. But I have realized that those lists leave me feeling guilty and like a failure, because my reality can not match up to my ridiculous expectations. So, I approached this year differently. I have a few big-picture resolutions. They are not “do this everyday” goals or time-bound or measurable, per se. I thought, “At the end of 2014, what will I wish I would have done?” Those are my resolutions.

However. I also need to work on cultivating resolve in my life. I want to be less of a dreamer and more of a doer. So, I’ve decided to set a few goals each month.

My January goals were:

1. Finish reading the books I’ve started.

I’m not normally the type to read multiple books at once, but somehow I fell into that trap. I hate it. It leaves my nightstand AND my thoughts cluttered. Still, I didn’t do so well with this goal. I finished 2 books, but I still have 3 more I didn’t get around to, AND I started two more. Oops. This goal may have been too ambitious.

2. Get all our paperwork organized.

Done! I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have this task finished. I need to shred a garbage bag of paper, and I need to establish a system for incoming paper. That will come soon.

3. Finish my December Daily album.

Also done! Full disclosure: I finished it today, and it’s not technically January anymore, but I finished, which is good enough for me. The last time I did a December Daily album, it wasn’t finished for 2 years, so I’m calling this a win. I hope to share this project here soon.

On to a new month!

My February goals are:

1. Finally do a craft project with at least one of the old windows we have.

2. Stay caught up on Project Life.

3. Read some fiction. (Seriously. Since January 2013, I’ve only read 2 novels! I’ve enjoyed my non-fiction spree, but it’s time. I’m taking suggestions!)

I’d love to hear what you are hoping for in February!


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