Growing & Changing (12×12 Scrapbook Layout)

Hi friends!
I’m back today to share a scrapbooking layout with you.

Some days, I scrapbook because the photos have been sitting around forever, and I want to get them on paper. Other days, I have a story that I want to tell, so I track down the photos. And other days, like this day, life seems so good, and the story seems so important, that I just have to stop and get. it. done. I’m learning to embrace all that inspiration, regardless of how it comes.

On this particular day, I was struggling with worry. Is Ian growing the way he’s supposed to? Is he hitting all those milestones? Am I doing all the right things? Am I doing even one thing right?

And then, all the sudden, he was sitting in this chair, holding that little toy, and all my worry was gone. Instead, I was grateful. I went ahead and printed the pictures right away and had the layout done later in the afternoon!


I was able to put lots of scrap to use on this layout. In fact, the background paper was the only full sheet I used! Most of the patterned paper scraps were from older Studio Calico kits, and the background paper is from Elle’s Studio (but also came in a kit at one point).


Do you see that transparency peeking out? I have had a package of those transparencies in my stash for YEARS. Literally. Years. And I had not used a single one. They were adorable, but I could not figure out how to get them on top of a photo, so I realized I would have to think a little differently and use them for something other than their intended purpose. So, instead of going on top of a photo, I layered the transparency under the other layers. You can still see lots of that beautiful gray & cream stripe in the background, but it also provides an extra bit of interest.

Other things from my stash on this layout: gray buttons (and cream embroidery floss), and some acrylic paint! I mixed blue and green paints until I got a color to match the little word banners, watered it down a bit, and splattered it on with a wide paintbrush. Easy! And I love that the color matches the papers so well.

I’m happy to have this small moment documented!


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