Dear Ian (4 months)


Dear Ian,

This past month has been full of so many changes.

Last week, after your breakfast, I laid you on your tummy in front of the Christmas tree. (Yes, it’s mid-January, and our tree is still up. But you love it! That’s how I’m justifying this.) I walked into the kitchen to grab my glass of water, and when I came back, you weren’t on your tummy anymore! I think I scared you, then, because I yelled, “Ian! You rolled over!” I was just excited, but your eyes got really big and you whimpered a bit before I picked you up. I gave you lots of congratulatory kisses and begged you to do it again so I could see.

Then, just a few days ago, you rolled over twice. I’m happy I was there to see it this time. You rolled from your tummy to your back, and then laid there with a look of both surprise and contentedness, as if you were saying to yourself, “Ah! So THAT’S how it works.”

And though you can’t move around on your own just yet, you are still exploring and discovering. Every so often, when your hands or feet enter your field of vision, you just stare, pointing your toes or twirling your first around and around. You love to look out windows, you kick your feet constantly, and I think you are so eager to get up and go.

There will be plenty of time for that one of these days, little man. For now, I’m happy to still carry you where you need to go and snuggle you to sleep at nap time.

Thanks for letting me discover all this newness alongside you.

Love you,


2 thoughts on “Dear Ian (4 months)

  1. Naww, it is beautiful to see a mother enjoy them being little and not in such a rush for them to progress to the next stage. Everyone seems to be in such a rush for their kids to grow up these days!

  2. Yes! I am trying hard to savor it and soak it up for all it’s worth!

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