Our Favorite Baby Things

Now that Ian is four months old, I can look around our home and clearly see the things that have made our transition to a family of three so easy. I have quite a few friends & coworkers who are expecting little ones of their own this year,  so I thought I would do a round up of our favorite baby things!


1. Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets: These blankets are my absolute favorite. The muslin is soft and snuggly, but light enough that I’m never worried about Ian being too warm (especially here in Florida!). They seem to get softer every time we wash them! The best part is that Ian really loves them: he kicks and smiles and settles right down each time we give him one. I can’t recommend these highly enough!

2. Twilight Turtle: This is hardly an essential, but we’re so happy we have it. I love using this as a highlight because the light is soft and dreamy. If there’s ever a night when Ian doesn’t want to go to sleep for some reason, we turn on the turtle, and he happily lays in bed watching the stars change color. Eventually, he falls asleep, and the turtle automatically turns off after a little while. These are also available in different animal shapes.

3. Philips AVENT Bottles: We tried every bottle brand Buy Buy Baby had to offer (except Dr. Brown’s), and these were our favorite. We liked the size & shape, and they don’t seem to get too many air bubbles.

4. Baby Jogger City Mini GT: This may be my favorite item on the whole list. These strollers are pricey, but so worth it, in my opinion. Compared to other strollers I’ve seen and used, this is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Not to mention, it folds and unfolds like A DREAM. The car seat adapter is a bit annoying, but Ian will grow out of that soon. I also love that there are so many accessories to choose from to create a set up that makes the most sense to you. (The only accessory we’ve used so far is the parent console.)

5. Hospital-grade nasal aspiratorWhen we getting ready to have Ian, several friends told me to make sure I did not leave the hospital without taking the big green nasal aspirator, because the ones from the stores are terrible. And it’s true. The one we got from the hospital works great. We’ve tried a few others (while visiting our parents, for example), and they don’t work at all. But, in case you can’t get one from the hospital, here they are! (We’ve had to use this thing way more than I anticipated!)

6. Video baby monitor: I wasn’t convinced a video monitor was really necessary, but Evan wanted it, and I’m so glad we got it! This is the model we have. It’s not the most expensive but works perfectly, and I can’t imagine why you would need a better one. It’s nice to be able to check on Ian without having to go into his room and wake him up. If he’s too quiet and I’m worried (new mom over here), I can see that he’s breathing. If he’s fussing, I can tell if he needs attention or a minute to calm down.

7. Ergo baby carrier: Using this carrier is the only way I’ve been able to do grocery shopping and other errands when it’s just me and Ian. I’m sure we’ll use it less often when he can sit up on his own, but for now, it’s been super helpful. It’s also nice when we’re in crowded places where the stroller isn’t convenient (like the farmer’s market). Ian always seems content and comfy in it, and it’s comfortable for me too.

9. Graco 2-in-1 Swing: Because we live in a smallish apartment, we were so happy to find something that was both a swing and bouncer seat in one. We have gotten SO much use out of it! Initially, this swing was the only way Ian would nap during the day. It’s relatively compact, which is great.

10. Swaddleme blankets with velcro: Ian did not really enjoy swaddling, so we didn’t use these for long, but they were the only way we could swaddle him without him wiggling out. I liked that these came in different sizes and had velcro instead of snaps like some other brands. 

That’s that! We really do love each of these items, and they are all baby-approved, which is what really matters in the end. Any essentials in your family that I left out?


1 thought on “Our Favorite Baby Things

  1. Yup, this is a great list! We just got the turtles for our toddlers so they can turn it on if they wake up in the middle of the night. They love them!

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