Day 2: Goodnight Moon


All throughout my pregnancy, if you asked me what about parenting excited me most, I would tell you that I was SO eager to teach Ian to read. My whole life, I’ve had a love affair with books. Just yesterday, as I was straightening up for some company to head over, I said to Evan, “We have a lot of books. We have books everywhere,” and he sarcastically asked if I was just noticing that. If there is a flat surface on our home, or if there is a shelf to be filled, you’ll find books there.

Our sweet friends and family blessed us with a wonderful collection at our baby showers, and I have lots of children’s books from my teaching days. Evan always laughs at me, because I gush over almost every children’s book: “Oh! This one is my favorite!”

It’s no surprise, then, that Ian’s bedtime routine had to include a good book. Each night, we read a prayer together, and then Goodnight Moon. We lay Ian down in his crib, and Evan and I lean over the edge as we each read one. As we read, Ian looks up at us with happy eyes, coos, and kicks his feet.

“Good night stars. Good night air. Good night noises every where.”

We say “Good night,” and “We love you,” and leave him there, where he squirms and coos for a bit before drifting to sleep.

This is my favorite new routine. It is simple and small, but aren’t all the best things that way?

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Goodnight Moon

  1. So sweet! I love it! Check out my 31 day marriage challenge, if you want!

  2. He just falls asleep like that? You don’t have to rock him or anything? That is nuts!! We started a routine recently where we also read Goodnight Moon. I love adding a prayer though – I mean, he’s there when we bless our food, and we hold his hand (smile), but I think it’s a lovely idea to add that to our bedtime routine!

    I’m following along with your 31 day writing challenge! Keep it up! 🙂

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