Day 1: Dear Ian (5 weeks old)


October 1, 2013: 5 weeks old

Dear Ian,

Sweet boy, I can barely handle how you’re changing already!

Ever since you were born, you have worn Carters footie pajamas almost every night. They are white, and they have small embroidered animals on them in the sweetest baby pastel colors. Each pair has a little label over your heart that says something like, “Little buddy,” or “Mommy’s Little Man.” We really like them because they have flaps made to cover your hands, so you aren’t able to scratch your face with those sharp fingernails. You always seem so snuggly and comfy in them.

And as of this weekend, you no longer fit in the newborn size. Ooof.

Also, can we talk about you hair? It’s kind of hysterical. It is still thickest in the back, right along the top of your neck. Also, you have a few long, wispy pieces that stick up from the top occasionally. But along the front and top of your head, you have started to lose you hair, leaving you with the perfect Friar Tuck hairstyle. Best of all, it’s still a bit thicker just above your ears, so sometimes it sticks out over the tops of them. It makes me laugh each time I notice, in the best way. You’re just adorable, Ian.

On Monday, while your dad was at work, I laid you on your quilt on the nursery floor. I held Sophie the Giraffe above you, and squeezed her so she squeaked. For a few minutes, each time she squeaked, you smiled and looked for her. I loved that. It is exciting to watch you begin to interact with your environment a bit. I am working hard to earn your smiles right now. They’re magical.

I can’t totally explain how all this makes me feel. It’s some combination of relief that you are actually growing, and sadness that you are growing too fast. The truth is, I already feel nostalgic for the tiny, days-old newborn that you were.

Still, I love you even more now than I did then. Can’t wait to love you even more tomorrow.

Hugs and kisses,



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