Right now, I am…

life.love.paper is one of my favorite scrapbooking blogs. I love her laid-back style, and I have borrowed her ideas and techniques in my own scrapbook pages lots and lots of times. Today, I’m borrowing the format of her last blog post. I’m just feeling so restless and there’s so much on my mind. So this is simple.

listening: The National, on grooveshark. I needed something new to listen too. I was feeling bored.
eating: Chips Ahoy. Trying to decide on dinner.
drinking: cold class of water.
wearing: my favorite Gators t-shirt, khaki shorts.
feeling: anxious and restless. the wedding is only 8 days away!
weather: miserably hot outside. it keeps getting cloudy, but no rain! I’d love a good thunderstorm.
wanting: to relax a little, but for that to happen, i need to cross more things off of my to-do list.
needing: to plan our honeymoon a little bit
thinking: wedding, wedding, wedding. marriage, marriage, marriage. all the time.
enjoying: These two great posts by Shaun Groves: one (about what may be my favorite song EVER) and two (about friendships and relationships)
wondering: whether Evan and I will like the apartment we’re going to see tomorrow


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