Trying to be still.

I love sleep.

I mean, I really love sleep.

I sometimes joke that I am borderline narcoleptic, and most people who know me will say that I can fall asleep anywhere, any time, regardless of my circumstances. Evan once joked that I am “very conducive to napping.”

But the past few nights, I have struggled to fall asleep. There’s just too much excitement going on, to much to plan and think through and wonder about. Normally, I’ve turned back on the lights and picked up a book or turned on the televtion.

Tonight is no exception. In fact, tonight my mind is more full than usual. My thoughts are running marathons, with no signs of slowing. I turned on my computer and planned to watch an old episode of The Office.

But I think Jesus had something else in mind. Earlier tonight, I read Psalm 37. It’s had me thinking about finding refuge in Jesus, delighting in His presence. It’s had me thinking about the peace, joy, and rest that Jesus promises when we are faithful to abide in Him.

Then, when I turned on my computer, I read this post about the importance of being still. Admittedly, this is something I’m not good at and usually I’m too lazy to even attempt it.

(Even now, I felt the need to write about it rather than just do it.)

So off I go. I’m going to turn off my computer and lay here in my bed. I’m going to try to be still, and seek my peace and refuge and rest in Jesus. Lord, help me abide in You. Please quiet my anxieties and help me find rest.


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